Dear Act Attack community,

All our face-to-face theatre courses and shows are postponed until the government allows again cultural activities. However, we keep planning new offline courses for 2021 and as always we keep our online classes, to keep you creative & motivated during these challenging times. Theater is and will always be in our hearts, but there is nothing more important than life, health and safety.

In this difficult period, take the opportunity to more deeply connect with yourselves and your loved ones. Realize how valuable it is to appreciate the little things & how important is to express your love to your family and friends without physically touching them, but by ”hugging” them with sweet words, smile and gratitude. Now, we need each other more than ever. Let’s help our communities anyway we can, even with little things. Not in theory, but in practice. Now, let’s ACT. To make your staycation more pleasant, we carefully selected a series of links that you may find useful, practical or entertaining.

Eat well and sleep well. Dream. Be creative. Do things that make you happy. Help others. Connect with people mentally. In this difficult situation, we are all together. Let’s stay strong & positive!

I carefully selected some links you might find useful below:


Podcasts and Music:
A list of podcasts to listen to while you’re social distancing, suggested by the New Yorker
The best podcasts of 2019, suggested by Time Magazine
Online (and FM) Radio Radioactive from Sifnos island (Greece)
If you want to listen to mixtapes and discover new music, Casetophono
Relaxing music from George’s Spotify: Chill & Sleep, Chill & Dream, Chill & Happy



Free Yoga & Meditation:
Boho Beautiful (YouTube channel)
Yoga with Adriene (YouTube channel)
Yoga with Kassandra (YouTube channel)
DownDog (app)
Glo for Yoga, Meditation, and Pilates
Daily Yoga (app)
Headspace (app)
Balance (app)
Pura Rasa Mindfulness Experience (YouTube channel)
Breathing Mini Class with Wim Hof (YouTube)
10 Percent


Workout apps:

7 Minute Workout (via Google Play)
Seven – 7 Minute Workout (via Google Play)
J&J Official 7 Minute Workout (via Google Play)
List from Marie Claire




Cooking Recipes & How to boost your immune system:
One Pot recipes by
Bosh.TV for plant-based/vegan recipes (Facebook page)
Quick and easy recipes from Allrecipes
Tips from the New York Times
Tips from Entrepreneur
Honey & Garlic recipe



Free online courses:

Learn Languages Online:



Free Kids Courses & Videos:
Khan Academy (a nonprofit with the mission to provide a free, world-class education for everyone)
The Kids Should See This (smart videos for curious minds of all ages)
Crash Course Kids (YouTube channel)



                                                             Free Online Books:


Open Library
Good Reads
Book Rix
Google Books
Smash Words


                                                              Free Online Cultural Tours:

500 museums open their (virtual) doors to the public. See the full list on LifeHacker
Free online tour of the Keukenhof Gardens
List from Hyperallergic
List from IamExpat
List from Goodhousekeeping
Travel & Drive in cities all around the world! Listen & Travel



Tetris photo for news page act attack

Free Online Games:
Retro Games
Classic Games
HouseParty app
Cards Against Humanity



Motivational and Philosophical Videos:
Listen to British philosopher, writer and lecturer Alan Watts on YouTube
Jason Silva – Shots of Awe (YouTube channel)
Goalcast inspiring videos (YouTube channel)
The Chopra Well (YouTube channel)
Dr. Joe Dispenza (YouTube channel)


Storytelling Videos:
The Moth (YouTube channel)
Muse Storytelling (YouTube channel)

Improv Shows & Videos:
OFF BOOK: The Improvised Musical (YouTube)
House of Lies Improv – Live with Kristen Bell, Don Cheadle, Ben Schwartz, Josh Lawson & More (YouTube)
Copenhagen International Improv Festival (YouTube)
George’s TikTok (a shot of ridiculousness)


Act Attack links:
Our Online Courses
Our YouTube channel
Our Instagram page

Finally, we would like to give special thanks to the following artists who were so gracious as to let us use their photos via Andrew Neel, Ben White, Elli O, Remi Walle, Stephanie Leblanc, Louis Hansel, Vadim Fomenok and Will Francis.

Feel free to share your own suggestions in the comments section – sharing is caring! Let’s stay calm and better days will come!


George – Act Attack