Mediterranean countryside. A man and a woman are standing, both with their arms tangled in front of them. We see the backside of a third woman holding a traditional drum

Join our international retreats

April – September 2021


For everyone who loves theater 

4-Day Improv Retreat in Athens

Spring/Summer 2021


Want to celebrate the Greek capital on an exhilarating journey of improv, fun and exploration?

Travel with us and be part of one-in-a-lifetime improv experience in the country that gave birth to the notion of theater.

6-Day Summer Theater Retreat in Athens & Cyclades

Summer/Autumn 2021


Have you been dreaming of cool summer nights in Athens and the secret heavens of Greek islands?

View of the ancient Acropolis hill, as seen from the oldest district of Athens, Plaka. Country: Greece

Travel with us to relive the mood of your childhood summers, enjoy the essentials of island life and experience a new level of freedom.




Bringing very special trained facilitators from Greece & abroad, we will go on a journey of deep creative process. If you seek an emotional experience & want to develop your self-expression, our tutors – who are improv enthusiasts and community devotees – will take care of all the little things and what goes into our practices with passion & commitment. Their knowledge and sharp instinct on what is good and nourishing for our self-expression and interactivity along with their love for the real Greek theater is what makes this retreat unique.


The lodges we chose for you provide everything you might need to enjoy a pleasant stay in Greece: recently being refurbished and have an attention to details, they are combining comfort elements and tones of silent luxury. With their comfortable rooms, that are in harmony with the beautiful natural surroundings, they are successfully managing to uplift the overall vibe of our workshops. There, you will be able to dive into improvisation in the most creative way.


The menu is catered and every meal is a way to be introduced to the flavorful world of Greek gastronomy. We strive to bring you some of the best fare in the city at the table, and get you to try non – touristy local dishes and give you a spin to the key ingredients of Greek cuisine. From sophisticated taverns and restaurants, hidden joints and genuine souvlaki shops, to Greek style sharing plates (meze) and homemade delicacies we will take your palate off. After all, the best way to take your trip to a whole new level, is to eat like a local!



”Because it doesn’t matter where you travel, but who you create memories with.”