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Meet our teachers!

Our coaches are the center of our community. Our team of teachers is growing and they are all amazing professionals

Anthony Burk

Anthony is an actor, director, singer and  teacher from Greece and UKHe earned his diploma in acting from the Athens ConservatoryHe has directed many plays, has acted on stage, TV and Film and has sung around Greece and in Europe for years. He started teaching theatre to all ages in 2005 and is an IB Theatre teacher for the past 10 years.  He has been teaching Acting courses in Act Attack since 2020. Watch his introduction video here.

Nadia Vlastou

Nadia is a trainer, a facilitator, and an educator. She got her training in Improvisational Theatre in Janus International Theatre (Leuven – Belgium) and she teaches Physical Improvisation, which is a technique she has developed, in Improvibe and Act Attack in Athens. She develops and facilitates business trainings using the tools of Applied Improvisation and Physical Theatre under the topics: Presentation Skills, Team Building, Intercultural Communication, etc. She holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology and Educational Sciences. She has been teaching physical improv courses in Act Attack, since 2021. Watch her introduction video here

Isaac Simon

Isaac is an improv comedy performer and educator from US. He has been performing and teaching in the US and Europe for over a decade, and is the co-founder of Tag Out Theater. His teaching combines spontaneity and empathy to empower people, whether they want to spend a lifetime onstage or use improv in their everyday life. Isaac has been teaching Improv courses in Act Attack, since 2018. Watch his introduction video HERE

Billy Kissa

Vasiliki (Billy) is an actress & teacher, won over by Improv Theater. After graduating “Theater of Arts, Karolos Koun”, she crossed paths with Improv. Since 2012 years she was trained by numerous instructors, taught and performed in Greece, Belgium, Finland, Sweden, The Netherlands (Impro Amsterdam), Germany, Romania, Poland, France, Spain, Italy, USA, Australia and Turkey. She works with adults, children of all ages, immigrants and refugees, and is a main instructor at “House of Improv”. Watch her introduction video here.

Nina Virant

Nina is a singer, vocal coach, composer and actor from Slovenia, moving between traditional music, jazz, progressive rock and contemporary theater. She graduated from Amsterdam Jazz Conservatory and is a vocalist in the duo project LAS., exploring Slavic cultural heritage. She’s an actor in a contemporary theater group at NIM Theater. She performed in venues such as Splendor, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Dutch National Opera, Het Amsterdams Theaterhuis, Concerto Recordstore, TivoliVredenburg & TOON. She has been teaching Voice courses in Act Attack, since 2019. Watch her introduction video HERE.

Dominika Zawada

Dominika is a musical actress and teacher from Poland. She is active within the educational field by teaching vocal technique and coaching young people in music, performance and presentation. In addition, she is involved in many musical, film and theater productions where she acts as well as directs. While studying jazz singing at The Royal Conservatory in Den Haag, she fell in love with musical theater and started combining and experimenting with these two musical styles. She is part of The Royal Sisters vocal group which performs self written arrangements, mixing world music and jazz standards. She has been teaching Musical courses in Act Attack, since 2019. Watch her introduction video HERE.

Michelle van Dyk

Michelle is an acting teacher from South Africa. She has a Master’s Degree in Dramatic Arts (2016), specializing in physical theater, voice production and acting techniques. She founded her own traveling Children’s Theater company in South Africa (2012), and managed a professional Actor’s group for actors to continually explore their craft (2012). She has lectured Dramatic Arts and performance at a South African University (2019) as well as various schools for the past ten years. She has been teaching Acting courses in Act Attack, since 2020. Watch her introduction video here.

Ilaria Forciniti

Ilaria is a theater director and founder of Nim Theater, actor and jazz singer from Italy. She has a Master’s degree in Theater Sciences (UvA Amsterdam) and a Bachelor’s degree in Theater History (La Sapienza, Rome). As an actor, she performed in different venues like Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Het Amsterdams Theaterhuis and abroad. Ilaria’s main interest is based on the principles of the contemporary theater. A rigorous work on the body and voice are the essence of her research. She has been teaching Physical Acting courses in Act Attack, since 2019. Watch her introduction video HERE.

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