A woman (white dress, long brown hair, headphones on) is touching a stone wall that seems to be in the Mediterranean

Summer in Athens & Donousa 2021

Book now, get involved in Act Attack international workshops and enjoy the magic of Greek summer!

Together we will discover the most picturesque alleys, beautiful corners and hip neighborhoods of Athens, pay a visit to the Acropolis and virtually tour 2,500 years back, travel to the Athenian Riviera, enjoy spectacular views across the Aegean from atop the Temple of Poseidon, indulge in authentic Greek delicacies, experience the vibrant nightlife of the city and squeeze in a few of the best bars. But most importantly, we will enjoy gorgeous dives and spectacular sunset views in a beautiful and alternative small island of Cyclades that embodies the meaning of Greek summer in its sand and turquoise waters. There is no better process for exressing yourself through improvisation by escaping to a Greek island, discovering the otherworldly scenery of Aegean…


What are you going to experience during this trip?




View of a church on the Aegean sea. The church is white and blue, built on a hill. The surrounding nature is dry. The ocean is in the background

Improv Workshops

  • Daily improv theater workshops in English (12 hours in total) 
  • Improv games in front of the camera

The core workshop take places in selected locations and outdoor spots by the sea.



Discover Greece

  • A visit to the top archaeological site of the Greek capital and the world heritage Unesco emblem, the citadel of Acropolis
  • Guided walking tours around the most scenic neighborhoods and historic buildings of Athens with team SteMajourneys




Have Fun

  • Professional photoshoot by team SteMajourneys
  • Swimming in the amazing beaches of Donousa & exploring one of the most beautiful & calming islands of Cyclades


— Retreat Price starts from: 1.090 euros per person —

Read the full package here.


What is not included?

This trip does not include the flight tickets. However, we can find the best prices for you which can cost from 150 to 220 euros total (go & back). The sooner we book the tickets the better price we can get! Furthermore, travel insurance is not included. If you need to have one, we can help you!


Who is this trip for?



If you are passionate about theatre and travelling, then this experience is designed for you! You will have the opportunity to relive the mood of your childhood summers and take care of yourself by escaping to a Greek island. At the same time, experience a vivid theater community outside of the norm and have fun with the recreational activities we have prepared for you.

How can i get more information?

For prices & what’s included, you can read the full package HERE. For more information & any questions you may have, feel free to contact us. Then our team will send you all the details for the trip! You can also call us or whatsapp us at +31622083939 and we will reply to you as soon as possible!


A beautiful beach located in the Greek island of Donoussa. Crystal clear water, golden sand. At its back, a typical Greek village with white houses and mountains.