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—– More Info About our Theater Courses in Athens —–

Our English-speaking theater, acting and improv courses are now available in the birthplace of theater: Athens! Due to Covid-19,  we have adjusted the conditions of the courses in accordance with the national recommendations on hygiene and social distancing. For these reasons, all our in-class theater courses have a maximum capacity of 10-12 people, so that your acting experience will be safe. But don’t worry, the levels of fun will remain high. Make sure to book your spot on time!! Choose your favorite theater course in Athens below:

Theater Courses

Be an Acting hero!

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ABC's of Acting on Thursdays with Anthony

”God has given you one face, and you make yourself another.” – William Shakespeare

LEARN THE BASICS OF ACTING in the birthplace of theater!

In this acting course for beginners with our inspiring teacher Anthony Burk, you will learn how to warm-up the basic tools of an actor: your body and your voice. Through a series of different techniques you will explore your creativity and work on a monologue of your choice. You will learn how to unlock the meanings behind the words and how study a character. You will also learn or brush up on your acting terminology such as “objective”, “blocking”, “tactics”, and more! This high energy course will help you improve with your public speaking skills and gain self confidence while at the same time having a lot of fun!

Schedule, Rates & Conditions:

ABC’s of Acting Course with Anthony–> WHEN: Thursdays 19:15-21:15 // Starting 9 September – Finishing 7 October (5 classes – 10 hours total) // WHERE: Athens Swing Cats // COSTS: 5-class package for 95 EUR per person (Trial class: 15 EUR)

Levels: This course is perfectly suitable for beginners with zero or little acting experience. Everyone who has passion or curiosity for theater is more than welcome! After the course, there’s possibility of continuation to the next level!


Actors rehearsing on stage. A man and a woman holding papers, reading lines. The woman looks a little agitated

Physical Improv on Thursdays with Nadia

‘’I’m not interested in how people move; I’m interested in what makes them move’’ – Pina Bausch


This course by our enlightning teacher Nadia Vlastou, is uniquely designed respecting and combining the principles of Improvisational Theatre and Physical Theatre, adapted to the needs of each group. Everyone explores his own kinesiology (with the use of certain drills of course) and we move, we dance, we play, we interact with music and the atmosphere (with or without using words). We also bond with the team with fun games in order to perform as an ensemble.

The goal of this class is to let you be YOU on stage and for you to discover the performer you enjoy being in the present moment, and releasing any thoughts that prevent you… from being the wonderful YOU! Let’s be free to express, discover our beautiful potential, connect authentically, have lots of fun, and improvise. Let’s get
Physical! 😉

The lesson is conducted barefoot, but you can bring extra socks (we do support socks of different colors!). All corona – virus rules are taken under consideration and we will resist from touching each other during class! Yes, we are now trained and experienced in teaching Physical without ANY contact. But…our moto is that: We can get closer to each other, despite living in the era of physical distance!


Physical Improv for Beginners: Yes And Move! Course with Nadia // WHEN: Every Thursday, 19:00-20:30 // Starting: 17 June – Finishing 8 July (4 classes – 6.5 hours total) // WHERE: Filopappou Hill // COSTS: 4-class package for 65 EUR per person // FREE TRIAL CLASS ON 17 JUNE!

Levels: This course is perfectly suitable for beginners with zero or little improv experience (Beginners). Everyone who has passion or curiosity for theater is more than welcome to join! After the course, there’s possibility of continuation to the next level!


Improv: Yes And Fun! on Mondays with Billy

”You’re only given one little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.” – Robin Williams


In this fun & enlightening improv course for beginners with our creative teacher Billy Kissa, we will challenge our brain through the fundamentals of improv. Acceptance, support, spontaneity and playfulness, are some principles we’re going to use. And as well, you will learn how to use failure as an improvement tool and to make “Yes and” a way of living. In this way, we encourage you to be more confident and creative! 

Schedule, Rates & Conditions:

Improv for Beginners: Yes And Fun! Course with Billy: WHEN: Days upon demand, times 19:00-20:30 (6 classes – 9 hours total) // WHERE: Ον Off Studio // COSTS: 5-class package for 95 EUR per person (Trial class: 15 EUR)

Levels: This improv course is perfectly suitable for beginners with zero or little improv experience (Beginners). Everyone who has passion or curiosity for theater is more than welcome to join! After the course, there’s possibility of continuation to the next level!


Improv exercise. Four playful business people beating their friend with pillows. He is sitting on beanbag and pretending to be scared.

What is the difference between Acting & Improv theater?

 We believe it’s important to know what are the main differences between Acting and Improv Theater:
1. Acting teaches you how to express yourself honestly and confidently in many situations and roles. Improv teaches you how to be yourself and tap into spontaneity.

2. Improv helps you to connect with others, while Acting helps you connect with your emotions and thoughts in the way you express yourself physically.

Both Acting and Improv can boost your confidence, improve your listening and communication skills and level up your ability to actively and openly communicate with the world around you.

6-class package from only 95 EUR

Perfect for Beginners

Book 2 courses together or bring a friend and get 10 EUR discount

Free certificate if you join 2 courses

Spots are limited and reserved fast

What else is included?

  • -> Focused and fun curricula from our experienced teachers
  • -> Personal feedback from the Teachers
  • -> Classes of 12 people max
  • -> Course certificates to enhance your CV

What are the benefits of an Act Attack course?

We can help you boost your:


  Expression and creativity

 Public speaking

  Body awareness

  Connection & interaction with others

Communication skills

English speaking skills

  Happiness levels!

This Is How We Do It - The Improv Way

TRIAL Acting Class

1 trial class

Incl. VAT.

    • 1 Trial Class of your choice
    •   Can be used only on the starting date of the course you choose
    • After the trial, you can pay the full course minus this amount (depending on availability)

What is a Trial class

Yes, we also offer a trial class for our online an in-class theater courses in Athens

You can join the first class of one or more theater courses in Athens, and then make your choice.

Please note that booking a trial class reserves you a spot just for one class, but does not guarantee you a spot for the whole course, as this depends on the availability – our theater courses are almost always sold out.

Feel free to contact us for any further questions!


To secure your spot for one of our online or in-class theater courses in Athens, you can just click “JOIN” and fill the form. After that, you will receive all the details about the payment and the course via WhatsApp within a few days. Don’t forget to put the correct mobile number, including the country code (eg +31, +32, +33 etc) and the course that you prefer! If you don’t have Whatsapp, you can download it here. We accept payments via iDeal, Paypal and bank transfer.

Cancellations/refunds are not possible but amendments are possible depending on availability.

Feel free to contact us for any further questions!

What do people say about Act Attack?

  • Act Attack Theatre is a very well organized company, with professional teachers-mentors & amazing people with colorful cultural background to meet!
  • I have joined the Improv class and it was a blast! One gets to discover hidden skills, be creative and rediscover how much fun imagination can get 🙂 Definitely worth a try!
  • Fun classes, great teachers, and lots to learn!

Please fill the form below and select the theater course of your choice. If you are not sure which course to choose, feel free to browse our list of courses (in-class and online) in our Courses pages. As soon as we receive your form, we will get back to you within a few days via WhatsApp with all the details about the course and the payment. We accept payments via iDeal, Paypal or Bank transfer.

Thank you!